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For everyone

The staff here at Team Silent want to give players the best experience once they're recruited by us. So If you're ever given the chance to join Team Silent you'll receive numerous benefits and opportunities.

For example players with a competitive mindset are able to practice daily for hours with other members in storm rotations and customs. Team Silent also let competitive players compete with other Fortnite players in online tournaments with prize pools, introducing them into the fortnite competitive scene and helping them improve as players.

Joining Team Silent allows players to meet other players with the same aspirations and similar skill which is very motivational and helps encourage players to grind and focus on being the best player they can be.

For content creators

Streamers in our roster are given exclusive Team Silent streamer overlays with some personalization which improves the quality of their streams and promotes our brand.

Team Silent also aims to give their players as much recognition as possible, by introducing them on the Youtube channel highlighting their skill and potential. Team Silent tries to assist players on their own individual social brands by offering free editing and designs which they can post on their socials.